Welcome to our Nation's Capital and the web home of the Network Engineers Repeater Association (NERA). NERA is comprised primarily of amateur radio operators employed in the broadcasting and related telecommunications fields in the Washington Metropolitan Area. We have constructed a network of linked remote base and repeater stations in and around the region to provide clear, long-range reliable communications and invite all licensed radio amateurs to stop by and give our system a try. We support SKYWARN and ARES public service operations and we are affiliated with the American Radio Relay League.

Recent Improvements To The NERA Repeater System

Late in 2012 NERA added a digital P25 input mode to its main 449.975 repeater. The receiver is located in NW DC on a tower with the antenna at 450 feet. The input is on 444.975 wideband with an NAC of 293. The received P25 signal is transmitted via FM link to the main site where it is retransmitted FM on 449.975. (Note that you must set your radio to mixed mode receive if you are transmitting P25 and listening to the main site,) Experience shows that the received coverage of this new site is somewhat better in the DC metro area than the regular FM input. The clarity and crispness of the digital signal is quite apparent to the user. Please note that use of the NERA system is restricted to members only, except for transients, and also for public service events that have been arranged in advance.

Also late in 2012 NERA rebuilt, reactivated, and expanded the site of its currently non-linked VHF repeater in Germantown, Maryland. Located just off Interstate 270, this repeaterís antennas are at 390 feet and provide excellent coverage of Montgomery and Frederick counties, as well as some coverage into Northwest DC. Best of all, this repeater consists of two separate systems, one being analog FM and the other P25 digital. Both systems at this site are wideband. What you input to this repeater is what is transmitted, but it can only handle one mode or the other at a time. The FM analog input has a PL of 156.7, and the P25 requires an NAC of 293. Input frequency for both systems is 147.870 and the output, again for both systems, is 147.270. Our plan is that this repeater will eventually be linked to the NERA UHF system but at this time (January 2013) it is a standalone repeater. Please also note that, at this time, this repeater is open for all to use.


The NERA repeater system is limited to members,
visitors traveling through our coverage area and public service activities.

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NERA Repeater System

Location Owner Trustee Output
Offset PL Linked
P25 Digital NAC
Washington, DC NERA WA3KOK 449.975 MHz - 5 MHz 107.2 Yes P25 In - FM Out 293
Frederick, MD NERA WA3KOK 443.400 MHz + 5 MHz 136.5 Yes    
Cacapon Mountain, VA NERA WA3KOK 442.450 MHz + 5 MHz 107.2 Yes    
Fork Mountain, VA NERA K3HOT 443.250 MHz + 5 MHz 107.2 Yes    
Baltimore, MD N3CDY N3CDY 449.275 MHz - 5 MHz 107.2      
Bull Run Mountain, VA NERA WA3KOK 447.775 MHz - 5 MHz 67.0 Yes    
High Knob Mountain, VA K4QJZ N1TXI 442.725 MHz + 5 MHz 107.2      
Germantown, MD NERA WA3KOK 147.270  MHz + 600 kHz 156.7   P25 In - P25 Out 293

An ARRL Affiliated Club

A member of the Cactus Intertie System

Operating Guidelines

Good amateur operating practices are encouraged. Whenever you access the NERA system please remember to pause a moment between transmissions to allow others to join your QSO or to pass emergency traffic. This practice is particularly important when accessing other repeater systems via the IRLP or DRIL since some additional "turnaround" time is frequently required. Don't use 11 meter lingo when talking on the system. Speak normally.

If your organization desires to use the NERA system for a planned public service activity please let us know as early as possible prior to your event so the activity can be coordinated and the system configured effectively.

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